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Rosie- Our third Ram Promaster Conversion van, this sweetheart will get you down the road nice and smooth. The bed is a “full” size bed. 54″ x 76″ x 8″ thick.

Rosie comes as a “dry” camper van, meaning there is no running water or bathroom. However, she comes fully stocked with everything you need to get you started on an Alaska adventure. The only thing you will need to bring is any outdoor gear you are partial too, specific phone/device charging cords, and groceries when you arrive. Setup for 2 people with simplicity in mind, the following list is what comes with Rosie at no extra charge:

  • (2) Cans of Bear Spray
  • (2) Plates
  • (2) Bowls
  • (2) Knives
  • (2) Pot/Pans
  • (2) Pillows
  • (2) Camp Chairs
  • (1) Small Propane Bottle
  • Small Cutting Board
  • Coleman Cook Stove
  • Tea Kettle and Pour Over Kit
  • Foldable Camp Table
  • Alaska Road Atlas
  • Fishing and Hiking Book
  • Bear Safety Handbook
  • Recreational State Parking Pass
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Sheets and Blankets
  • Spare Sleeping Bag/Blanket
  • Jumper Cables `
  • Spare Tire And Changing Tool Kit
  • Misc. Amounts of T.P., P.T., Spices, Cooking Oil, Rags, Cleaning Spray, Hand Sanitizer, and Baby Wipes

Also, Rosie is equipped with an auxiliary battery that provides 12v LED lighting in the back, a (4) port USB-C charging station, and an exhaust fan to keep you cool or ventilate during cooking. It is wired separately from the main battery so there is no chance of draining the main battery!

This van will get approx. 17-22 MPG throughout your trip and is a pleasure to drive, it handles really well. Not bad for a fully stocked home on wheels.

**This van can be driven on any road except for the Dalton Highway (Road to Deadhorse), and the road from Chitina to Mccarthy. Please take it slow on the gravel**

***Minimum 4 night stay required***

Awesome Rig!

“Perfect rig for our adventure, solid unit that felt new with decent enough gas mileage. If not having a lav isn’t an issue, a smaller vehicle such as this provides many advantages…..easier to drive and much easier to park for the night and much easier to roll out in the morning. Van came to us with essential equipment and some nice extras. Eric was punctual and went out of his way to accommodate our schedule. Much appreciated, and a job well done. We’d do it all over.” —Rockwell

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