Rules, Terms & Conditions


This document contains a summary of the rental conditions for Alaska Stoke Vans, LLC. Alaska Stoke Vans utilizes their own reservation system as found here. This reservation system is owned by Outdoorsy, all requirements of Outdoorsy are requirements of Alaska Stoke Vans along with the rules stated herein. Our reservation system does NOT charge extra Outdoorsy fees.


• Camper van rental rates are calculated on a per night basis. All reservations require purchase of insurance and payment of local taxes by law. Alaska Stoke Vans offers rentals from May 15th – October 1st each year.

  • Peak Season Rate: (June 1st – Sept. 7th): $219/night (Balboa/Apollo), $239/night (Rosie) plus taxes and insurance. There are 3 levels of insurance packages, pick which one suites your needs at time of booking.
  • Shoulder Season Rate: (May 15th – May 31st and Sept. 7th-Sept. 30th): $179/night (Balboa/Apollo/Rosie) plus taxes and insurance.
  • Reservations are first come first serve basis, if we have inquiries at similar times for similar dates, the inquire that took place first takes precedence.
  • Reservations made on are as follows: Nightly Rate + Insurance Package + Taxes = Total Cost of Reservation.
  • A minimum cleaning fee of $50 is taken from the security deposit when you return the van in reasonable condition. Please see “Returning the van” section at the end for further details.


  • Insurance must be purchased through our website. There are three levels to choose from during the reservation process, please review carefully for your needs.
  • There is a mandatory $850 deductible regardless of what level of protection you choose.
  • Alaska Stoke Vans are designed for no more than 2 people. Additional passengers are prohibited and will void insurance coverage.


• At least one driver must be 25 years of age or over and must have had a motor vehicle license for at least 1 year (365 days).

• You will need to show a current and full driver’s license (not a copy) at time of pickup, and the license must be valid for the entire length of your trip.

• Additional drivers are free but must be approved and listed on the Rental Agreement in order to drive the camper van (do this at time of booking or any time before pickup, if not achieved, only the person listed as a driver will be covered for insurance, no exceptions).

• Proof of insurance will be provided at time of pickup (printed for you). The insurance coverage begins at time of pickup (as defined in rental contract) and lasts until the vehicle is back in Alaska Stoke Van possession at time of drop off (as defined in rental contract).


• All drivers are required to have a valid driver’s license from their home country. If your license is not in the English language, or you are purchasing supplemental insurance, an international driver’s license is needed as well.

– For international credit cards an international transaction fee of 3% will be charged by our payment provider. This international transaction fee is non-refundable.


• You may take your camper van anywhere within the state of Alaska except on the Dalton highway (road from Fairbanks to Deadhorse) and the road from Chitina to Mccarthy. Driving to Canada is not permitted. Slower speeds and extra caution must occur while driving on gravel roads.

• Driving in a restricted area may result in vehicle damage and will void the Alaska Stoke Vans insurance policy as stated on the rental contract. You are liable for damage to the Camper van that results from vehicle misuse (see “Maintenance/Responsibility & Safe Practices” below).

• The consumption of alcohol while operating any vehicle is prohibited, as is driving under the influence of alcohol, cannabis, and/or impairing drugs (recreational or prescription).


• Accessories are provided for your convenience during your trip, please visit for details of what is included. Accessories are included in the rental but must be handled with care or replacement costs can occur from the security deposit regardless of fault.


  • Alaska Stoke Vans is not responsible for loss of, theft, or damage to any property in or on the rental vehicle, regardless of who is at fault during the rental period. If a claim needs submitted to insurance due to theft (or any other reason), communicate this immediately with Alaska Stoke Vans to work through the process.


• Smoking is not permitted in Alaska Stoke Van vehicles. A $300 cleaning fee will automatically be charged to the renter’s credit card if there is evidence that smoking occurred inside the vehicles.


• Dogs (1 max) are permitted with prior approval. If you arrive with a dog and it has not been communicated beforehand at any point, Alaska Stoke Vans will charge a pet fee of $200 immediately from the credit card on file. If communicated beforehand, no additional charge will occur.


• Camper van pickup and drop off hours are determined as accurately as possible during checkout and communicated in detail leading up to arrival.

• We will arrange your pickup appointment when you book your van. Camper van rentals should be returned before 6:00pm.

• Give us a call/text at least 1 hour prior to your arrival (for pickups and returns) to ensure we can meet you on time.

• Let us know as soon as you can if your itinerary is impacted by weather or other unforeseen forces, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. A missed drop off (without making prior arrangements) means we will have to charge you for an additional night. No refunds will be offered for late pick-ups or early drop-offs.


• You can cancel your camper van rental and receive a full refund of your deposit 45 days (or more) prior to your pickup date. If you cancel your reservation within 45 days of your pickup date, only 50% of the reservation total will be refunded, if canceled within 7 days, only 25% of the reservation total will be refunded.

• If you cancel on the day of your pickup appointment or simply do not show up, you will be charged the full rental fee.

• In order to cancel your reservation (at any time), notify Alaska Stoke Vans in writing using text, call, messaging system, or email.


• By entering a confirmed reservation, renter acknowledges that he/she has been given the opportunity to read the terms and conditions of Alaska Stoke Vans (or Outdoorsy if applicable) and sign before being handed the keys and beginning the rental contract.

• Payment is made in full (or increments) at time of booking. Follow screen prompts and email notifications. Any payment not made in full prior to arrival will be kept and rental hand off will not occur unless arrangements with Alaska Stoke Vans has been made.

• A reservation deposit is required at time of booking; remainder is due as outlined on the reservation before you arrive.

• A security deposit of $850 is required before arrival. A credit card hold will be placed on your credit card 3 days before pickup and will be refunded within 7 days after you return the van (usually much sooner). A minimum $50 cleaning fee will be collected, and any other fees deemed necessary on a case-by-case basis before the payment is released (over mileage, damages, etc..). This will be discussed when you return the van back to us.


• All credit card transactions are conducted in US Dollars (USD).

• Alaska Stoke Vans does not accept any liability for exchange rate fluctuations (up or down). In the event of currency fluctuations, refunds may vary from the amount initially charged.

• For international credit cards an international transaction fee of 3% will be charged by our payment provider. This international transaction fee is non-refundable.

• Refunds by credit card can take up to 15 business days, but usually less (depending on the renter’s financial institution).


• We require a 5 day (4 night) minimum rental. There is no maximum rental period.


• Your camper van rental includes 200 free miles per day.

• Additional mileage will be kept from the security deposit at $0.35 per mile above the allotted amount (i.e., if you book 6 days (5 night) , you are allotted 1200 miles free of additional charge. You do not have to keep track of each day, just the total accumulation based on the rental period).


• Camper vans transfer must be communicated with Alaska Stoke Vans by using text, call, messaging system, or email.

• Renters must coordinate their own transportation to and from drop off/pickup locations as discussed and agreed upon. All pickup/drop off locations agreed upon within the Municipality of Anchorage is included in the rental.

• Failure to return your rental before 6:00pm local time can result in a late return penalty fee of $100.

• One-way rentals are not considered. Although you may pick up at one location, and drop off at another, if both locations reside within the Municipality of Anchorage.

• When returning the camper van, it must be full of fuel, and satisfactorily cleaned to avoid additional security deposit fees. All additional fees (if applicable) will be noted when returning the van.


• If an accident occurs, please contact Alaska Stoke Vans as soon as possible. We require you to gather license and insurance information from the involved parties (if any) at the scene of the accident. Please take photos of the incident and file a police report if the damages are extensive. We will work to get you back on your journey as fast as possible. When in doubt, gather as much information as possible.


• In the event of mechanical issues, please contact Alaska Stoke Vans immediately so we can become aware of the situation.

• All Alaska Stoke Vans come with Roadside Assistance (only if selected at time of booking by the renter) throughout the state of Alaska. For standard issues (flat tires, dead batteries, lockouts), Roadside Assistance can have you back on your way quickly. If opted out of roadside assistance, renter assumes full responsibility for flat tire changes and replacement, battery jumps, tows, and lockouts. Alaska Stoke Vans is only responsible for repairs once the mechanic evaluates break down cause and is deemed not due to operator neglect. If deemed an unavoidable random breakdown, Alaska Stoke Vans will pay the cost of repair to get you back on the road. Any/All repairs completed on the rental vehicle must be approved with Alaska Stoke Vans beforehand regardless of fault.

• If more complex repairs are necessary, we may send a replacement vehicle (only if one is available).

• We will refund that night’s rental cost if your vehicle is unavailable overnight while being repaired. In the unlikely event the vehicle cannot be fixed or replaced, we will refund the remaining days of the rental agreement and assist you in reaching your nearest destination.


• Renter assumes full responsibility of the vehicle when Alaska Stoke Vans hands the keys over and until the keys are handed back within the rental contract time/dates. Alaska Stoke Vans reserves the right to revoke these keys during the rental period if deemed necessary from outside sources (i.e., proof of burnouts, excessive speeding, or misuse). Additional forms (rental vehicle condition forms) may be filled out before this hand off occurs, and when the hand off ends.

• Renter acknowledges that recreational camper vans can be larger than passenger vehicles and handle differently. It may require more clearance and diligence of the driver to be aware of this difference. Safe practices must be exercised regardless of driver comfort throughout the rental duration. Safe practices include but not limited to using spotter when backing in tight areas, performing 360 walk around of vehicle on daily basis, and keeping lights on regardless of time of day or weather conditions. Renter must acknowledge bumps/scrapes or other damage from neglect of these safe practices.

• Renter acknowledges that passengers will always use seat belts when the vehicle is in motion as required by state law. Each van has two seat belts, therefor only two people can safely occupy the vehicle while in motion.

• All rental vans have unleaded gasoline engines. Always double check that you are using the correct fuel for your van. In the US, diesel fuel will have a green pump handle, and gasoline (petrol) will have a black pump handle.

• Be aware of your surroundings and take weather and road conditions into consideration. Mountain regions are full of variables, so keep your eye on the skies. Pull over and wait it out if you see inclement weather ahead.

• All vehicles are equipped with front wheel drive automatic transmissions. Be aware of wet/snowy road conditions, drive appropriately.


• Vans must be returned in a clean and respectable state. There is a $50 minimum cleaning fee taken from the security deposit to prep the van for the next renter. An additional cleaning fee (above the $50 minimum fee) will be charged if you return the van in poor condition. Additional fees will be taken if deemed necessary on a case-by-case basis before the payment is released (over mileage, damages, etc..). This will be discussed when you return the van back to us.

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